Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that is used to correct protruding or sagging in the abdominal area.

Tummy tucks have become one the five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures since their inception, in fact last year over 260,000 tummy tuck procedures where performed by plastic surgeons which is a staggering 24% increase in the last three years.

The reason people have this procedure done is normally for cosmetic reasons. You may not like your body shape and are looking for ways to improve it or change it.

Sometimes the tummy tuck patient may have had children and now has loose skin and stretch marks on her abdomen.

If you have lost enough weight that you have loose skin hanging off your abdomen, you may want to consider having a tummy tuck done. People who have lost a lot of weight can often be frustrated at the folds of skin that hang from their abdomen. It is especially depressing because they have worked so hard to lose the weight, yet still look heavy because of the loose skin.

If you are having a tummy tuck done or are considering having this procedure, you should be aware that you will have a scar. A tummy tuck scar usually goes horizontally across the pubic area from hip to hip. A good surgeon will know how anxious excessive scarring will make their patient and will therefore do everything they can to minimize the scarring. The scarring will heal but how much will depend on the individual healing qualities of the patient as well as the skill of the surgeon who performs the procedure. Check the before and after pictures your surgeon shows you of other patients to ensure that you know what kind of scarring their patients usually experience.

Another procedure that can be done in conjunction with a tummy tuck is liposuction. Many people feel that this enhances the look of their abdomen so they decide to have this done at the same time as the tummy tuck.

Surprisingly, the tummy tuck surgery is not exclusively for women in fact a large number of men have successfully gone through the surgery. The tummy tuck surgical procedure is best suited to people who are of a fairly normal weight and in reasonable shape and health.

Tummy tucks are not for everybody though and a great deal of thought should be given to it before deciding on having the surgery. People with large fat deposits outside of the abdominal area may well find that they are unsuitable for the tummy tuck surgical procedure in the first place. But this will vary from surgeon to surgeon and it is best to consult with more than one surgeon, and complete thorough research so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you should go ahead with the procedure.

The tummy tuck procedure itself can take anywhere from 2 – 5 hours depending on individual circumstances and the extent of the surgery. The surgery is generally done on an outpatient basis and may sometimes requires one night of hospitalization, and is carried out under general anesthetic or a combination of local anesthesia and sedation.

Tummy Tuck Procedures fall under two broad categories:

1. Standard Tummy Tuck Procedure: also known as complete abdominoplasty is performed on middle and lower abdominal muscles.
2. Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure: also known as partial abdominoplasty is performed only on the lower abdominal muscles.

Standard tummy tuck procedure restores the shape of your highly disfigured lower stomach by removing excess fat and skin accumulated around the lower abs, tightening up the middle lower and middle abdomen and restoring the position of the naval.

Mini tummy tuck procedure is comparatively a smaller and less complex operation which involves removing little amount of fat and skin and tightening up of the lower abdomen only.

The Tummy Tuck Procedure:

• after administrating anesthesia, the surgeon makes a long incision from one hipbone to another detaching the naval from surrounding tissues.
• then a second incision to free the naval from the surrounding tissues.
• skin flap is lifted up to reveal the abdomen muscles.
• abdomen muscles are then tightened by stitching them together.
• then the skin flap is stretched down and excess skin is removed.
• a new hole for the belly button is carved and sewed in place.
• incisions are closed then an elastic dressing is put to support.
• a temporary tube may be inserted to drain excessive fluid.

These Tummy Tuck Procedure are not different than other surgeries and should be performed systematically and essentially by qualified surgeons.

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