Breast Lift

A breast lift, also know as mastopexy is a procedure chosen by some women who want to change the shape and lift their sagging breasts. Plastic surgery breast lifts attempt to recreate the younger appearance of the breasts most women experience in their earlier years. Although lifts are mostly under taken by slightly older women, it is not uncommon for younger women to want to undergo the procedure to not only lift the breast but also reshape it for a more desirable sitting position on the chest. A lift primarily adjusts the height of the nipple areola area.

Unlike a breast augmentation, which makes your breasts larger, a lift is intended to improve the shape of your breasts.

The total level of sag in the position will determine the need to adjust the mammary gland. If the sagging is not excessive then the primary objective of the procedure is just the upward lift of the nipple area.

It is important to note that any surgery is not permanent. The effects of gravity and time can not be completely eliminated, however the procedure often helps with the patients self esteem, which is normally the typical motivation for the procedure. Gravity is not a woman’s best friend. Aging, combined with the effects of gravity cause our entire bodies to sag. For women, it is especially disheartening to see a sagging bust line that no bra can fully remedy.

If a patient has previously undergone enlargement surgery with the use of a silicon implant or any implant, a lift is usually required if the patient wishes to remove the implants.

Any kind of corrective breast lift or breast augmentation can result in a reduction of size of the areola. The size of the areola is relative to the size of the breast. However a smaller areola is often desired by many patients.

What to expect with a Breast Lift

The surgery itself can take from one to three hours and is best done in a hospital or at an ambulatory surgery center. The latter may help reduce overall costs.

As with other procedures, recovery time from a breast lift varies. In general, you can go back to work in about a week. Strenuous activities, though, need to be eliminated for a full month. It might take up to one year for the scars to fade. Some women report a loss of sensation in the breasts after surgery but this occurs in only a minority of cases.

Breast Lift Candidate

If you are not yet done having children, you may want to postpone cosmetic breast surgery until after pregnancy and breast feeding. Pregnancy not only stretches the breasts, but often also reduces their volume.

Many women report that improving their breast shape improves self confidence and changes how others perceive them. However, no surgical procedure will change who you are deep down. This might sound obvious, but I find that expectations are a big factor in achieving satisfying results for patients. Women who have unrealistic expectations often expect way too much change in their life from the surgery and are often disappointed.

A breast lift also does not stop the clock from ticking. As time marches on, you must realize that aging and gravity will continue to affect your figure. Wearing quality brassieres can prevent some of the damage. Sometimes, a second surgery may be necessary to maintain the desired look.

Find the right Local Breast Lift Surgeon

There are plenty of qualified doctors who perform cosmetic surgery on a regular basis, but finding a plastic surgeon that is local to you and convenient to get to can often be a problem. Especially if you live in a rural area or in a small town, you may have to do a little extra research in order to find a surgeon who is both reputable and within a reasonable distance. The research is worth it, however, if you end up getting what you need.

Determining Your Needs

Before you start doing your research to find a plastic surgeon that is as local to you as possible and is qualified, you need to determine exactly what it is that you need. Not every doctor who performs cosmetic surgery is qualified to do every kind of surgery. Were you looking to have a face lift? Breast augmentation? Liposuction? Will you be wanting more than one type of procedure over time? You want to make a list of what you will be wanting done cosmetically so you can narrow down your choices to the doctors who are qualified to perform these procedures.

Here are our 5 steps that will help you find the right plastic surgeon

1) Choose a Board-Certified Surgeon. Never make a mistake by not looking for this all-important credential. This feature is obtained because they have reached the highest quality of training and skill. Don’t choose a doctor who doesn’t have certification.

Along with certification, there are many cosmetic surgeons in who have never had any formal residency experience. Ask if this is the case in the doctor’s training history.

2) A State License. This is vital because it’s the minimum prerequisite for performing plastic surgery in your state. No state license, no right to practice. It’s as simple as that. A state license is always a public record. Go online to check and be sure your breast augmentation surgeon has one.

3) Certification Verification. Many scams arise from disreputable plastic surgeons who try to fool people into thinking they are certified when they aren’t. You must never take anyone’s word that they are. This can be avoided by contacting your local plastic surgery association and ask if your surgeon choice is indeed certified.

4) Research Malpractice Cases. This is vital. Before you ever sign anything, even after you feel this surgeon may be the one you want, you must find out if there’s a history of malpractice cases. Again, these cases will be public record and your local courthouse will have plenty of records if there are any.

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